Text 3 Jun 46 notes R.I.P Jack Kevorkian

Now I have been a hardcore Kevorkian supporter from the beginning. It’s not the fact that I believe suicide is a natural part of nature and is something that happens in a fitness type of way, where some people are just able to mentally handle things better than others and those who can’t handle things off themselves. But let’s bring this into Jack Kevorkian.

I remember first hearing about Kevorkian when I was younger and being absolutely¬†mesmerized¬†with him. I know there are people out here that will call him a murderer and I have to disagree. In the sense that these were people who were suffering from terminal illnesses who were suffering but were being kept alive almost against their will. They gave Kevorkian the consent to do this and it’s not like he accepted everyone that wanted to die. He rejected several people. A thing that people often get confused is that they think that he assisted those who were depressed and had failed suicide attempts. He told them that he cannot help them because even though their situation seems helpless, it can get better and suicide is not an option. I support him on that.¬†

To those who are still against him; they clearly haven’t put themselves in the place of someone who has a terminal illness and is greatly suffering. Then they say that that person with the illness should live out their life. So…live out their life against their will? They’re in great pain and unable to function. What kind of life is that?

So, R.I.P Jack Kevorkian. I hope you get to hangout with all those who you have helped.

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